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Archive for April 2012

A Jealous God

God, the Guy who has everything, is jealous for me?  Seriously?  Absolutely!

We take a paradoxical notion and try our best to uncrazy it for you.

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The Resurrection Section

With the sugary film of countless Easter treats still coating our incisors, we figured we should strike the resurrection chord before our minds moved on to Christmas shopping.  We take a bit of a different angle on this one as we outline the many reasons why Christ is still dead, then take turns crucifying each.

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Christopher Hitchens, one of the most influential atheists in recent memory, goes to bat for the premise that Christianity is based on morally offensive principles.   We are going to see if we can strike him out (or at least walk him). 

If you want to see his commentary this show is based on, you can view it here.  It is just short of four minutes long.

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