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Living in Oblivion

What is real?  What is consciousness?  And what the heck does science have to say about all this?  If you're looking for conjecture, you've come to the right episode.  

We kick things off by critiquing a satirical conversation between Socrates and Jesus, which eventually turns to misunderstandings of biblical proportions, then finally arrives at a discussion of morality.  You can view the Socrates v. Jesus source material here

Opposite Day

Do you suffer the nagging feeling that perhaps you should have intervened the last time you watched your neighbor beat his dog to death?  Well, buck up!  Boris provides a systematic outline for why you did the right thing by doing nothing at all.  Yes, this show was recorded last October. 

Truth Detector

When it comes to arriving at the most important conclusions in life, what information, if any, can we trust?  If this episode doesn't prove our dedication to deliver the most balanced perspective of any "religious" program in existence, we want to know who's got us beat. 

The Work Out

With the start of a new year, I (Nick) embrace a renewed dedication to neglect my paying profession for the sake of returning to a more consistent recording schedule.  Speaking of professions, this episode addresses the dangerous notion of selecting a career that won't make 80% of our lives an exercise of unyielding misery and self-loathing. 

Even a smart Christian can believe stupid things.  Take, for example, the notion that faith in something bigger than us might make it easier to cope with our unfailing lack of control in this world. Wake up people!

By the Book

How much of the Bible should be accepted as literal?  In unison, good and decent Christians respond, "All of it!"  In this episode, we add an hour's worth of disclaimers, qualifiers, and other colorful ways to conclude that many parts of Scripture were likely never meant to be taken at face value.  Please send all rebuke-mail to comment@thegodgamble.com.

It’s About Time

How can God know everything that's ever happened and ever will happen, yet still grant us the ability to make free will decisions?  Easy!  As you will discover in this episode- it's about time. 

Breaking Good

In a world you think you understand, there exists a feat of logical acrobatics powerful enough to turn good to bad and bad to good with no more effort required than executing a complete polarity reversal on your moral compass.  Beware, faithful listener, for all is not as it seems . . . or is it? 

Secular Boris offers up his less-than-stellar review of a recent presentation by The Case for Christ author, Lee Strobel.  Mix in a pinch of miracles and a dash of magic, and we've got one heck of a show on our hands!

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