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Pick Your Favorite Flavor

The religion cafeteria is open, what will you put on your plate?  Is it okay if we just pick what feels the most "right" to us?  Isn't my religion my own business and who the heck are you to say what I do is weird?  Get the bare-knuckle spin on it from three guys who are pretty weird in their own right.

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Shopping for Religions

We foolishly believed we could present a case for Christianity, when compared to the other major world religions, in one show with this one.  At best, I would say we got two, maybe three points across.  None the less, there are some thick and thought-worthy undercurrents here and should be a good listen.  I rebuke Nate, he rebukes me and David schools both of us once again.

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So if Jesus is God, Then What?

One more addition to our recent string of topics:  "So you say Jesus is God, now what?"  That's an awfully bold claim, and if true, would certainly be a perspective-changer.  We'll get a little personal history here, a little biblical history, a touch of sarcasm and a gut-busting, "fourth trip to the buffet" of Truth.

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How Did Jesus Become God?

We continue to build on our last two episodes with the question of, "Who died and left Jesus in charge?"  You know what our answer to that is.  We try to draw the line between Jesus being a great teacher, nice guy, hip Rabbi and fair-skinned, blue-eyed, Norwegian-looking Jew and Jesus being God.

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