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Meet The Hosts


Nick Edwards:  Regular dude, father of four girls, and former atheist.  Nick is obsessed, perhaps to an unhealthy degree, with eliminating the popular notion that all Christians are delusional nut-jobs.  He wants you to meet a few "normal" guys who won't make you shake your head in disbelief when Christian faith is the subject du jour.   

Nate Edwards:  Self-proclaimed bibliophile (especially for anything written by C.S. Lewis) and also a former atheist.  He believes anyone can discover the Truth if they earnestly seek it.  His favorite pastime is disputing Nick's perspective on virtually any subject. 

David Beach:  Not a former atheist, but early encounters with dysfunctional Christians nearly drove him to become one.  Like Nick and Nate, he has a burning desire to examine and explain the Christian faith in terms accessible to reasonable people.   He is a history buff and self-proclaimed geek who also likes barbecue…a lot. 

Boris Galustov:  Our lovable token secularist, Boris is the show's antithetical counterbalance.  Boris's background as a former Christian gives him a lot more street-cred than your run-of-the-mill Atheist.  Despite his unwavering assault on all things Godly, we are confident an eventual return from the dark side is inevitable. 
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