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About the Show

The God Gamble is hosted by three ordinary guys who have enough time on their hands to sit around and chat about some of the biggest questions relating to Christianity and God.  None of us are trained in theology, we aren't ministers, and we have no agenda other than helping you reach the conclusion that embracing God is not nearly the gamble most perceive it to be.  Our goal is to tackle each subject with all the grace and finesse of your poker buddies, leaving the over-the-top theatrics to those better equipped for the task. 

There is no subject too sacred or question too taboo to be addressed on the program.  We want to talk about what you want to hear, so if you would like to suggest a topic, send an email to comment@thegodgamble.com.  

DISCLAIMER:  This show is delivered in a conversational style because we believe this kind of format tends to be much easier on the ears.  We select a topic just prior to recording each episode and plow forward without a plan or outline. This approach can create a drift from the core subject matter, often covering much more than what is simply stated the post description. 
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