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Archive for July 2013

Faith, By Any Other Name . . .

What is faith?  If you're looking for a ridiculously long answer, you'll find it in this episode. 

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The Plea Bargain

We discuss a YouTube video posted by a feller who's figured out why God is proud of those who don't believe He exists.  You'll want to check it out here before listening to this episode.

Closing music bed credits: "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (The B.I.B.L.E.)" by Genius/Gza (c) 1995 Altered Ego/Geffen

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The Don of Judea

Secular Boris shakes things up a bit by selecting a verse from the NEW Testament this week.  Dave gives it a reading in his best pulpit voice, then we try to answer the question:  "Was Jesus calling upon his followers to slay people before Him for even the slightest of transgressions?" 

Closing music bed credits: "Curl Up and Die" by Relient K (c) 2008 Gotee 

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