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Archive for November 2012

The Rest of the Story

Dave, Nate and I take a break from our usual rants to reflect on how each of us developed an unquenchable thirst for the Christian Kool-Aid.  Enjoy the incredible stories of three (somewhat) sane dudes who wound up believing the unbelievable.

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Watch Your Back!

Our favorite Atheist is back to reveal the only thing he fears more than a 90-minute sermon is a Christian commanded by God to kill him. To ensure his safety (and future cameos), we are installing a Kevlar isolation booth around his chair in the studio.

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The Atheist Strikes Back

At long last, Boris, our Atheist intern, is back in the studio to download a full helping of reason into our Christian gourds. Dave kicks things off by pressing Boris to reconcile free will with materialistic determinism.  I join the assault with several unsuccessful attempts to pronounce those two gigantic words and Nate brings it all home by insulting everyone in the room.

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