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We try to finish up our refutation of the top ten reasons why organized religion is a sham.  Just a heads-up here:  the show wound up going a bit long, so it will be split between this week and next.  Our stats show there is a tendency for split shows to get more hits on the first half than the second.  Don't miss the rest of this one, it gets even better.  See you in 2012!

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Perhaps the number one excuse for why people can't travel the Christian road:  "I am not down with the whole organized religion thing."  Today, we respond to the many problems with organized religion as reported by a very smart person who has taken the time to fully contemplate the subject.  For the sake of full transparency, we'll give him a little free advertising so you can see our source material, www.stevepavlina.com.

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Some More of the Not-So-Core

We wrap up the discussion we started last week regarding the high-profile, but not core, doctrines of various Christian denominations.  We took a bit more care to not offend anyone than we did with our last attempt at the subject.  As always, any and all comments are welcome.  You can contact the show at comment@thegodgamble.com.

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The Gray Areas

Last week, we covered the essential doctrines of Christianity.  Now we will take a look at some "fundamental" doctrines and denominational differences.  We aren't trying to start interdenominational spats with this one and our aim is to present each idea as unbiased as possible.  But, understanding we usually fail in that second goal, feel free to send us any comments or counterpoints you would like us to discuss.

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