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Archive for November 2011

Hard Core Christianity

Where is the dividing line between Christianity and other "Christian-like" organizations?  We are talking about the core biblical doctrines of genuine Christianity today.  Nate wanted me to add a disclosure that he did not accurately describe the trinity analogy and he will be sure to correct himself next week.

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Biblical Inerrancy?

Should we believe every word of what is printed in the Bible?   Does every word in the Bible have to be interpreted the same way by everyone?  We've got opinions galore on these two questions and are all too willing to share them with anyone who will listen.

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The Grand Finale!

We wrap up our series on the 10 Commandments today with coveting and all its many dangers.  Nate finally loses his cool (several times) in this episode.  Next week, Dave and I will get him back on decaf.

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Ninth Commandment today: Bearing false witness and why we shouldn't do it. Plenty of good commentary in this one, probably due to us only needing a few minutes to get completely off track.

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