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Archive for September 2011

God’s Top 10 List: Volume 1

What's all the fuss about the Ten Commandments and why are we still so hung up on these Old Testament rules?  David builds a case about why the "Big 10" were not only important 3500 years ago, but why they are still crucial today, and not just for Christians and Jews, but also the world.

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Who Are You to Judge?

If you find less-than-flattering observations of yourself difficult to endure, you might want to skip this show.

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The Heart of the Matter

Are we just matter?  Does the answer really matter?  We try to stay on topic here, but wind up in a little tryst with the education system, and a great joke from the capable wit of David makes a brief cameo before we manage to bring it all back around at the end.

For anyone who is interested, we have our latest stats update:  The God Gamble is getting about 180 episode hits on the site every month and over 700 feed hits.  Way to go raving fans!  Thank you for all the ear time; knowing at least a handful of people are tuning in makes it almost worth the incessant peppering of Nate's smart commentary each show.

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Welcome to the Club

Having trouble conveying what Christianity "feels" like?  In this episode we cover the rites of initiation and what one can expect on the other side of salvation.

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