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Archive for August 2011

The Purpose of Prayer

If God knows everything, including what we need, and if we know He is willing and able to provide it . . . then why are we sitting around telling Him what He already knows!?  I pray that you will find the answer in this episode.  Of course, God already knew I would pray that (and He knows if you will find the answer too).

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Heavenly Hash

If heaven is a cloud, a harp, a robe and an eternity of trying to enjoy the three, who in their right mind would get excited about going there?  Today we paint a more accurate (and enticing) picture of what Christians can look forward to.

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The Truth is Out There

Question:  How many aliens does it take to disprove Christian theology? 

Punchline:  Three . . . Two to probe Nate into cognitive submission and one to operate the brain-control machine which prevents Dave and I from explaining why aliens do not disprove Christian theology.

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It’s A Miracle!

Here is another response to a topic request from our raving fan.  We're talking about miracles today and seeing if we can work around all the fuss they seem to cause when it comes to Christianity.  This is a longer one, but worth it when you hear Nate's rant at the end.

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