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Archive for July 2011

Gimme That Olde Time Religion

Let's bring back that nasty ol' vengeful God of the Old Testament and see what kind of burr He's got in His saddle.  This episode sorts out our seemingly bipolar God and brings everyone back around to the One we all know and love.

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Our Mythtaken Religion

"Christianity is completely baseless.  It was constructed with lots of duct tape, some old plastic grocery bags and a handful of ideas stolen from other ancient religions."  We are collectively sorry for having to subject you all to this, but you are probably going to have to refute this at some point in your life.  Here are the facts . . .

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The Not-so-free Ride

If someone lives a deplorable life, filled with horrific behavior and attitudes toward God, is all really forgiven by a death-bed conversion?  We've got some opinions on that . . .

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Random Design

Considering all the evidence available for mental digestion, what requires a greater leap of faith;  A universe designed or a universe created by a completely random set of events leading up to what we experience today?  Evolution, new/old earth, the creation event . . . we can't seem to leave a single controversial topic untouched in this one.

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