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Archive for March 2011

Can We Trust the Authors?

As a followup to last week's episode, we kick around the possibility that the authors of the New Testament were lunatics, liars, mistaken or anything else that might render the text unreliable to modern readers.  After the show we collectively commiserated about having to limit such a huge subject to a 38 minute segment.  If there is a specific component of this topic you would like us to spend more time on, shoot us an email at comment@thegodgamble.com.

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Can We Trust the Text?

We ask the question, "Can we trust the accuracy of the biblical text?"  In other words, "Has time altered, doctored, modified or otherwise changed what the original authors were intending to communicate?"  David opens up his encyclopedic mind for all to enjoy.

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The Problem of Pain

We drive head-on into the religious brick wall of pain and suffering in the same sentence as an all-powerful, all-loving God.  Nate takes a few minutes to completely ignore some of Nick's contributions to the subject.  This is a longer episode but there are some interesting nuggets buried throughout.

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Hard to Believe in God

We had every intention of talking about why, if God wants us to know Him so badly, He makes it so difficult to "observe" Him.  It turns out we got off track a little and explored some other subjects like miracles, apparitions, Star Wars and other unrelated things.  We wound up bringing it back around towards the middle of the episode.

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